Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Nail Jack Family of Demolition/Nail Pulling Tools: Kickstarter Turned Me Down...But I Did it Anyway!

The Nail Jack Family of Demolition/Nail Pulling Tools: Kickstarter Turned Me Down...But I Did it Anyway!

Kickstarter Turned Me Down...But I Did it Anyway!

There are a few things that have surely gotten MUCH easier to do. You can become a worldwide singing sensation with a few good posts on Youtube. You can get support and money from folks around the country and around the world for great ideas in places like Kickstarter and others. You can collaborate on Quirky. It's all good! It's great news for so many people and I am seriously happy that we live in an age of crowdsourcing and rampant innovation. But what if you just can't get Kickstarter to let you in? Then just save up for a couple of years! Drum roll please as we welcome the new NAIL HAWK!
Watch the video and let me know if you like it!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Does Anyone Care About Low Tech Anymore?

As I was talking to a professional grant writer yesterday, the issue of altruism came up. The "issue" gives you a little bit of a hint as to how we veered off of the word's non-ironic interpretations. Now this is by no means surprising. It goes together with corporate grants as closely as the positive PR any group would hope to get with giving a grant. But all of this dialogue really brought me to take a 30,000 foot view of what seems to be happening out in the United States today. Is anyone passing down the legacies of previous generations? High Tech is so "tomorrow" in its blazing fast progress that you'll pardon me please if I am concerned about the knowledge of yesterday! I design new hand tools. I love it, I am fixated by the process. But the great skilled machinists, the giant manufacturing metal gardens of Eden like the old Vise Grip plant are gone or are being dismantled everyday. Where is the knowledge going that we need to "make stuff"? I am not trying to be flippant when I remind you that a single EMP burst makes all of these laptops and cell phones go bye bye. So what are we doing to teach our next generation about making great steel? Becoming a machinist? A toolmaker or metallurgist? Using a lathe? Is there a place in America where we are drawing the best and the brightest for this amazing realm, or is everyone being drawn to the virtual world of internet software and video games? Believe me, I am not complaining, just wondering. Really. Just asking. I want to be reassured.

On a slightly different note, why are we not protecting plants and facilities that took decades to establish and all of the skills and technique that must be passed on to survive there? How do we demolish critical parts of what could easily become part of our nation's defense manufacturing facilities? Do our leaders remember the USA of Roosevelt in 1940? Can we shift the remaining facilities more increasingly owned by foreigners so quickly into plants that would make the necessary "items" to defend our soil? Or do we just put an order in overseas?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Developments at Nail Jack Tools

There are many new tools coming from the Nail Jack folks! Here's one that I will leak right now.

Folks, I plan on making the best new tools for demolition, nail pulling and staple pulling on God's green earth. Our newest tools are also leading the way for some gigantic new time and money saving, and will pave the way for faster dismantling and reuse! Other designs I am working on include the world's best fence tool and a nail puller that digs an inch into the wood for headless nails! Can someone please offer to help me a little over here? We're busy! I'm afraid I don't have Steve Jobs' budget or staff, but what we do here is pretty important to the future of wood.

Wow! How about this video?


This is where patents really play a key role in our growth. It also helps to have a brother who is a very powerful litigator. But in this great country that would never be necessary right?

As we get further and further into our patent filings, and see some great traction in the claims Nail Jack Tools is being awarded, we are really starting to get excited about the new tools being designed and manufactured to take advantage of this protection. We have filed in many key countries and have spent many years focusing primarily on our intellectual property. Many inventors get dismayed at the perception that patents don't mean that you have any power against a large company or a foreign country, but it's not quite a done deal folks! There have been many new milestones out there pointing to great strides being made in the protection offered under a strong set of patent claims.

So keep inventing and pushing the envelope, because creativity changes lives!

Oh, and I don't really mind being labeled a "hypomanic". Sugar? Coffee? Get some. I certainly will.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Introducing the Staple Jack!

We have made a great number of friends around the world because of the very unique characteristics of our tools. It seems that there are niche applications for our Nail Jack and our Nail Hunter that we could never have envisioned. Automotive restoration, guys, pool table felt changing, upholstery, shoe making, hardwood floor folks and many many others have shared wonderful stories of new uses for our tools! We never tire of hearing new unique or unusual applications of the many features our tools offer. Please don't hesitate to email us at any time, we love it!

Now Nail Jack Tools is pleased to announce our newest tool, the Staple Jack! This model is designed for the ease, simplicity and effectiveness of the removing of staples, but is already getting attention as a very helpful craft tool for jewelry and many other applications. Here is a picture or two that not only shows the Staple Jack, but another picture that shows you the subtle differences in the design of the heads. There's a Nail Jack tool for everyone!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Daily Grommet Nail Hunter Nail/Staple Puller!!

Great new video!

Nail Hunter nail/staple puller featured on the Daily Grommet

Today is a very special day for Nail Jack Tools as we are the featured "Grommet" on the very special website "The Daily Grommet"
What's a Grommet you ask? Here is the description on their website!

"It's a wonderful product still waiting in the wings, just ripe for discovery.
It has great utility, or style, or invention. Or, very often it has all three.
It comes from a designer, or inventor, or artist, or manufacturer who is clearly passionate about what they create. Someone who loves to share their creations and talk to people about why they do what they do.
It comes from a company that treats its customers well.
Finally, like any intelligent or beautiful product, it has a great story, ready to be told."

Well friends, it is today that the story of the wonderfully useful new tools from Nail Jack Tools' story will be featured! Out of thousands of products submitted a month only 20 get to be Grommets!

We are very proud! Go to today!